Tim Tebow, Please Be "The Real Deal"

Just the other day...my husband read to me the headline we have all now heard about: a company wanting to pay 1 million dollars to any woman who can prove she slept with Tim Tebow, which would mean that he had lost his virginity. My first reaction was to become disgusted, shaking my head at what a sick, perverted world we live in. However, I think the Lord has used this story to get me to realize to an even greater degree what I already knew: this world is ACHING to see "the real deal".

Let me share a little story that will help:

Yesterday, I was playing outside with my girls and my youngest started climbing up the play set, not knowing that she was headed towards a huge lizard. Being the great mom that I am, I screamed and immediately grabbed her out of "harm's way" (it could have jumped on her, right?!). However, the more I watched the very still lizard, who should have immediately run away from my child, the more I began to wonder if it was even alive. I carefully picked up a piece of mulch and threw it in the lizard's direction. It didn't move. I tried it again. Still no movement. Then, I found a huge, looooong stick and started to prod the big guy. As soon as I got within millimeters of actually touching it, it finally decided to show some life and run away. It proved to me it was as fully alive as you and I.

Tim Tebow is continually being poked and prodded by a world that no longer believes in the God of our forefathers. Sadly, people are now skeptical of anything or anyone that comes with a Christian label. The world knows what Christians' profess, but all too often, have seen lives that don't match up with the talk, so they are confused. Along comes someone in the public eye who seems to live out what he really believes, and it's too much to take in. Suddenly, people get curious and want to find out, "Does this guy really practice what he is preaching? Does he really believe in Jesus and salvation and purity and love? Does that stuff really work?" So they devise a plan to get him to fall to the tune of 1 million dollars.....poke!!.....prod!!

We live in a world where hope is scarce. People want to see "the real deal" because they need HOPE...the kind of hope that only Christ offers. If Tim Tebow and others like him can show the world, essentially, that GOD IS REAL through their lives...then hope will rise!

I think it should be a wake up call to all Christians everywhere! 

If Jesus is really the Lord of your life, you are going to look like Him, smell like Him, walk like Him, talk like Him, serve like Him, love like Him, suffer like Him, and carry your cross like Him. If you're "the real deal", you should resemble Him to the world!  When squeezed by the pressures of life, a Christian should literally ooze the spirit of the living God.

The question is: do you?

When you are poked at, how do you respond? When you're prodded, do you immediately show the world that Christ is in you, alive and well? Or do they see something totally different...something completely contrary to the Word of God?

I'm not proposing that Christians have to be perfect, but there should be a distinct difference in us because the Word says that each of us is a new creation...we no longer live, but Christ takes up residence and reigns within us! If we are walking closely with Him, constantly surrendering to Him, then responding like the Master will become like second nature...like breathing in and out.

Note that I said if we are walking closely with Him.

Walking closely with the Lord looks much different than mere church attendance one or two days a week...but sadly many people equate filling a pew with Christianity. They slap on the label, go out and give lip-service to God..."Yep, I go to church"...all the while pretending to be something they most certainly are not! If there's no true heart-change, no passion to read the Word of God, no passion to grow close to Him, no passion to pray, no passion to serve, no passion to live as a new creation, no passion to see others come into a relationship with the Lord, and no passion to live righteously, consciously turning from sin...then by all means, don't go out in the world and call yourself a Christian!

You may have walked an aisle during an emotionally charged service, but if you left and remained the same, then I question whether you really "became a soldier". You may have spoken to a recruiter, intent on enlisting (with good intentions, mind you), but if you didn't actually sign up, go through the medical exam, get fitted for uniforms, go through boot camp and then through the different levels of combat training...you are not a soldier and I don't suggest pretending to be one, cause I'm pretty sure that will land you in some really hot water!

The point is: if you're an absolute, born-again believer in Jesus Christ...live like a man or woman on fire for Him! Stir up the gifts within you (1 Cor 14:1 says to "eagerly desire spiritual gifts") and use them, by all means, for the glory of God! Live bold and unashamed lives for the Lord! Let His life flow out of your every pore! In doing so, you bring hope to a world in desperate need of it. You bring the life and power of Jesus Christ everywhere you go!!

However, if you're not a true believer...if you are a pew sitter and you know it...please, please, please examine your heart before the Lord and ask Him to change you. Do not continue to bring shame to the body of Christ by pretending to be something that you know you are not! Being lukewarm is the worst thing for you, for the church, and for the world! Others are poking and prodding and desperately looking for "the real deal"...don't cheat them and sell them a lie!!!


"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth."
 Rev 3:15 & 16

Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble."
 Luke 17:1 & 2

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