Share Your Story, Bring God Glory

The most freeing experiences of my life have come out of obeying God by "letting my light shine". Remember singing "This Little Light of Mine" in church as children? My favorite part was always, "Hide it under a bush? Oh, no! I'm gonna let it shine!" As an adult, that's has become my mantra.

Yes, I get scared.

Yes, there are moments I want to hide under my covers. 

Yes, I sometimes share and then wrestle with overwhelming doubts. 

But, you know what? The more I decide to step out on faith, the more He uses it...even the things I think are "nothing". Very little becomes MUCH when committed to our great big God!

I want to encourage you all today...please obey the Lord when He prompts you to share your testimony with others! My very wise husband always says, "People can argue with anything you tell them, but they can never dispute your testimony because


I personally believe it's never going to be any easier to share the gospel (the good news!) of Jesus Christ than it is today. Times are changing and moods are shifting. Intolerance for those who believe is growing. I don't think "shining our lights" is going to look the same even 10 years from now!

Use the time He has given you wisely,


Capture His heart for this generation,

and by all means...SHARE YOUR STORY!!!! 

If we all do that, 

Can you IMAGINE the IMPACT we can make...



"In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven." Matt 5:16

So in love with Him,