Live Generously, Give Generously

Just the other day, I started thinking about giving and how God has really been working with me in this area. According to a spiritual gifts test I took, my most dominant gift is the gift of mercy. By God's perfect design, it's just in my nature to want to help those who are hurting and in need. I say all that just to say, I've never really had a problem with giving. My philosophy has been, "If a person is in need, then give to them, period". What God has been showing me lately though is that I have usually given out of my abundance...not really sacrificially (think: widow who gave two cents in Mark 12: 40-42). In "The Message" version of the Bible, this passage says that all of those in the crowd that day gave what they would never miss, but the widow gave extravagantly...she gave her all. I LOVE her!!!! And do you know what this passage reveals to us? It gives us a glimpse into this precious lady's heart. She showed that she truly trusted in the Lord to meet her every need. It also showed that she wanted to honor and obey Him, no matter what it "cost" her. God clearly teaches us here that when we give, we are not to give grudgingly (i.e. selfishly). If we do, what it truly reveals is that we are full of fear, not believing that we can give extravagantly and still trust in Him to provide us with all that we need. I really, really, really want to be like the widow, don't you?! What do you have to loose when the God of the universe is your caretaker?! You have only to gain.

Well, guess what? I happen to know of a perfect opportunity for you to start exercising your faith in the area of giving! STAY WITH ME!!! DON'T LEAVE!!!

I have a friend from college who has adopted a precious little girl from Ethiopia. Now, he and his wife are adopting a little boy from there:) They are literally weeks away from traveling over to get their son (named Huxley), but they still need to raise about $13,000. Would you please consider giving extravagantly to help bring this precious little boy HOME to his forever family? I know some of you who read my blog just loooove to give, so go do it...for God's glory!!!! :) Please donate by going to my friend's personal blog <---click there! Instructions are found by scrolling down a little and looking on the right-hand side of the page (that's the "online professor" coming out in me, sorry)! This is a wonderful Christian family who will raise little Huxley to know the Lord, that's for sure! Please, please help them. Give generously, or better yet, extravagantly.