Resting at Your Feet

Just the other day...I was cooking supper. D had taken the girls (all 3...woohoo!) with him on an errand, so I was alone…a rarity! I was talking to the Lord about what He wanted me to do for Him. Ya know, I was giving Him suggestions (because that helps Him make a decision right?! ;) Suddenly, I heard Him ask me a couple of questions, “Why must you DO something for me? Could you just BE with me?” As usual, His truth sent tears down my face. Those questions pierced my heart. It's so TRUE!!! I get so intent on DOING, that I forget, He just longs for me to just quietly sit at His feet and cultivate a relationship with Him. He created me for that!!! It's His hearts desire.

 "Oh, I’m so sorry Lord, for neglecting THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. “Doing” is not bad, but if it comes before “being”, it becomes an idol. It becomes about ME and not about YOU (even though I tell myself that I’m “doing” it..whatever it may be…for You). Father, I love You with all of my heart. I never, ever mean to get distracted and overwhelmed with life. It just happens before I know it. Thank You for Your long-suffering and amazing patience with me. Thank You for grace that forgives my weaknesses. I know You are showing me a better way. Please help me, daily, to walk in it. Show me the discipline that I need. Help me to be diligent. And always, always, remind me to just BE with You...because that is where ALL I need is found…resting at Your feet."

The Most Important Place

Resting at Your feet,
Is where I want to be.
Quiet and at peace,
In the presence of my King.

Here my soul’s at rest,
No worry and no fear,
Here I am assured,
That You hold me and You’re near.

I feel Your love surrounding me,
You envelope me with peace.
In all Your ways, for all my days,
This is where I want to be…




...at Your feet.

For His glory,