Baby # 2, On the Way!

Just the other day, I found out K-Bug was on the way and here's how (actually it's a pretty funny story...just strap on your imagination):

S was nearly two years old and we had recently had her pictures taken. I decided that she and I would go out shopping and swing by to pick up her photos. Our first stop was Target (love!), to pick up a few picture frames (cause what fun is having the pictures stay in the package?!). While we were there, I decided to buy a pregnancy test, only because I was just a couple of days late. However, I just knew I wasn't with child! And I couldn't be (could I?!) because we were doing NFP (natural family planning). Plus, I had just recently had an infection and popped down a few pills that clearly read, "DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT". Pretty much, I had read the warning label, thought "Nahhhh! I'm not!", and down the pills went. Stupid.

Because I was SO convinced that I wasn't, when S had to go the bathroom, I decided to just go ahead and take the test. Stupid again. Get this...I...you know...followed the directions (ha!) and placed the stick on top of the toilet paper holder (on tissue paper, mind you!). S starts saying, "I want to hold that toothbrush". I go to wash my hands, because we were in one of those stalls with a sink in it. Meanwhile, S starts getting a little louder and more demanding..."I want to hold that toothbrush!" I dry my hands, walk over to look, and immediately notice the dark pink cross. In disbelief, I pick the stick up and literally slide with my back against the wall all the way down into a squatting position, bawling my eyes out. The more I cried the louder Miss Drama Queen got, yelling, "I WANT TO HOLD THAT TOOTHBRUSH!!!" Thank the sweet Lord that no one else had to potty while she and I were both melting down because oh my soul, can you imagine?! I would have been mortified! (Which makes me think, you know, us ladies need to have serious compassion for one another. You never really know what that mean/stressed out/in tears momma in the store is going through. Amen?!)

To get back to my story, did you remember that I had taken those pills? See I was immediately happy (overjoyed!), but almost in the same moment, I remembered that I had so carelessly taken those pills. I was so scared that I had done something to my baby!!!! HALLELUJAH, those pills had no effect on K whatsoever! My doctor actually told me that God seems to give women a little window of protection during those first few weeks when they don't know they are pregnant (not that I advocate testing Him in this!).

I wish I could remember what I told S to get her to calm down and stop wanting that darn "toothbrush", but you know, after time memories start to blur a bit. I seriously can't wait until she's old enough to understand so that I can tell her this story. It's a funny and very precious memory. (And I think it's really great that K is so funny and full of life. Even the way we found out about her just seems to fit!)