What is in a Name?

Just the other day, I was lying in bed thinking about stuff (cause that's what I do) and I was trying to decide what I would "name" my girls if I had to choose a particular characteristic or description. I was thinking about it because S had found an old name book and she was so bummed that her name didn't really have a meaning. Anyways, here's what I came up with:

My oldest would be something like "discovery" because of her insatiable desire to learn, and "creativity" because she draws/builds/constructs some of the most elaborate things I have ever seen from a child her age. Her God-given abilities are amazing! She is constantly either reading/learning or creating. Case in point: at her birthday party this year, we bought her some new books. The child actually asked to read her new book in the middle of her party! What kid does that?! She's gonna change the world.

My middle child would be named "passion" and "heart". She just loves life and she lives life to the full every single day. She is almost always smiling and if she does get down, she doesn't stay down for long! She also just cares very deeply about others...she loves to give love and be loved. She's one of those people that you are drawn to for no particular reason. She lights up a room just by being in it.

My baby is still, well, a baby, so she's a little difficult to figure out. I think her actual name probably fits her very well cause I'd just say she's "joy" mixed with a little "head strong"...ha! She already just loves making other people happy. If she finds something you love, she'll do it over and over. She has danced since the time she could pull up and hold onto anything. She's a happy girl, until there is something she wants and then...you better watch out! I just know that "head strongness" (yes, I am making up words) will come in handy one day:) I can't wait to see more of her personality emerge.

My children are sooooo much more than these brief descriptions, so don't think these are a life label or anything. Children are treasures to be discovered moment-by-moment and day-by-day. I know that my kids are on a journey just like me. They will grow, they will change, and they will become all that God wants them to be. I'm so thankful that all three are each so different and so unique! I am so priviledged to get to be their mommy!!! The Lord has entrusted me with some of His richest blessings (which is exciting and sobering all at the same time).