Abbie Turns Five - An Interview

Just the other day...or actually about 1,825 days ago, my little miracle baby arrived. I call her a miracle because, well, some people who will remain nameless, thought we should stop having children after two. I, however, couldn't shake the feeling that God had one more blessing to give us. So I prayed and waited and prayed and believed and sure enough, that person who will remain nameless came around! Our precious and always entertaining Abigail turns FIVE today!! Unbelievable. Where has the time gone?

My very first post waaaaayyyy back in 2008 was an interview with our oldest, Sydney, when she was 4. I also interviewed our middle princess, Kylee, when she was 4. Needless to say, I couldn't leave "baby" Abbie out, so today, as she turns 5, I want to share her interview here. I may or may not have almost let her turn 5 without interviewing her. Poor third child! She gets the worn-out, not-quite-so-organized me as a mom. Heaven help her.

1. What do you think heaven looks like? There are no bad people there. The sky is blue. There are trees and a sun. There are animals, like horses and giraffes...and Adam and Eve are there. It's warm! There's no thunder. They don't have money. Oh, and there's a sea with boats!

2. What does Dad do at work? He does stuff on the computer and hmmmmm...he teaches people.

3. What do you think your husband will be like? (She giggled at that question!) Maybe like Daddy. He'll have light brown hair, a car, and lots of shoes......and we'll have a baby!

4. If you were going to spend one year on a desert island and could only take three things with you, what would they be? A book, "Cuddle Kitty", and a princess dress.

5. Who is your favorite aunt and why? Aunt Schuyla, because she has baby Jacob.

6. Who is your favorite uncle and why? Uncle Allan, because he has Alayna.

7. What do you think Joseph and Mary heard in the stable on Christmas night? Angels, birds, and coyotes.

8. What do you think Joseph and Mary smelled in the stable on Christmas night? Food.

9. What is the nicest thing I ever did for you? Hugging & kissing me...oh, and taking me places.

10. When is a time that I hurt your feelings? When I hit and kick and get in trouble for it.

11. When is a time that you were really mad at me? I'm never mad at you!

12. If you could be a movie character who would you be and why? Elsa, because she has powers.

13. What is your favorite outfit? My costume.

14. What is the hardest part of being four years old? When I can't get to sleep.

15. What has been your favorite childhood memory? When baby Jacob was born.

16. If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be and why? A dolphin, because I like them. We see them at the beach!