Moving to a New Assignment!

Just the other day...life got a little more exciting for us. Not that it wasn't exciting before, it's just, well, we had reached a certain level of comfort. Wonderful, peaceful place to live. Amazing church family. Precious friends. Thriving ministries. Then, my husband got a phone call....

"I want you to pray about taking on a new position," said the voice on the other end.

Funny thing is...this man knew nothing about the conversations my husband and I had been having. Talks about how we are losing a generation of young people. Talks about wanting to do more. Talks about deep desires to potentially reach a lot more people (live in a rural area for a few years & you'll understand...you can only reach so many).

Months before we got that phone call, the Lord was stirring change within us. He was already planting His desires into our hearts and weaving the threads of a grand design.

Many prayers have gone up from many lips since them. My husband has been on several interviews and met with lots of different people. And, for about the last month or so, my family has been on the road nearly every weekend!

It has been hectic and sometimes stressful, but also quite full of God's amazing peace.

So, I'm happy to finally announce that my husband has been offered a new position in a large church, in a large city, as the Minister to High School and Families. We are thrilled!!!

God has been overwhelmingly good to us. He has worked out so many details in our favor, I can't even begin to list them all. I have cried many tears of joy over His care for us during this process!

One thing I can't seem to get more of right now is time (don't ya hate that?!). I barely have time right now to homeschool my girls, so trying to also keep the blog going is too much at the moment. I hope you'll graciously understand.

If all goes as planned, we will be in our new home and my husband will start in his new position by the third week of January!

Give or take a week, I plan to be back, with more posts than ever and some exciting new ideas, by February. Let's just say, February-something:)

This is not how I planned to end my year. It is how God planned it though, and I can't think of a better place to be...surrounded by boxes and chaos and the expectation of what our Father has in store for us!

I pray you find yourself living with that same sense of anticipation. Years ago, Hope entered into this world as a tiny babe

...and He's still with us.

For His glory,