My Thoughts on Success

Just the other day...I was reading about success. Lots of people write about success and how to be a successful. You know what they usually don't mention? That becoming successful almost never happens alone.

Take the women's ministry we have started at our church for example. It has been amazing and spiritually speaking, I would call it a success due to the fruit it has borne in women's lives. I was merely the instrument, the "computer" if you will, that "downloaded" the idea from God. I can be passionate all day long about something, but that doesn't mean that passion is going to translate into anything tangible. Intention and action are two totally different things!

It was the meeting that I had with others that made the idea become reality! It was others who said, "We can totally do this!" And you know what, those others...my team...my friends...they are the ones who have come through to carry this vision with me time and time again.

There has not been one time...not once...that I have asked for help and had someone tell me no. Sure, there have been circumstances and things come up at the last minute that have caused others to miss a meeting, and that is just life. But my point is...people, when they latch onto a vision, genuinely want to help make it a success. And I can tell you, not one person around me wants a reward or recognition...they want GOD to be honored and glorified! It humbles me to be in the company of such awesome people.

All of us, I don't care who you are, want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Something that makes an impact. Something that matters. And bringing worship to the Lord, matters...big time!!! It should be our primary focus in all that we do...whether starting a ministry, building a house, writing a book, taking care of a family, blogging, singing, launching a business, digging a ditch, or taking out the trash...it should ALL be done for the glory of God. Period.

So what am I getting at? What is my point exactly?

That success comes when a team of people catch a singular vision and work together for a singular purpose. Success rarely, if ever, rides on the shoulders of one person alone!

And once a vision is launched, it is faithfulness to God and obedience to Him that will see it through to the very end. 

And in the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that." (wink)

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