Will the World End in 2012?

Just the other day…I heard that 2012 is the year that the world is going to end. Have you heard that? It's funny that I keep hearing that because the Bible says that no man knows the day or the hour (Mark 13:32)…not even the Son himself, so I don’t get too wrapped up in anyone saying that the world is going to end on this day or that. But, if you will, let’s just suppose that the world does end sometime during the next year. You know what I say?

Bring it on!!! Let’s get the party started!!!!!

I'd be doing the happy dance all the way up to heaven:)

You see, there is nothing in this present world that fills me up like the Almighty God. Try as I might, nothing here is ever going to satisfy the deepest longings in my heart...no relationship, no hobby, no material thing, no vacation, no drug, no food, no experience. It would all just leave me empty. I was made for Him and therefore, my God is the only one who satisfies the deep aching of my heart. I admit that sometimes, I get weary of the divide between heaven and earth. Don't you??? I want to see my Lord...to stand face-to-face with the my Love. At times, my heart simply longs to be at home…my home there, not here...my TRUE home. 

And you know what, I know He wants me there with Him, too.

But not yet.

You see, there's a reason, many reasons, why I'm left here...why He hasn't come yet. If you’re reading this, you’re still here because you have yet to fulfill His purposes as well! Perhaps you're still here because you don't yet know Him...and He's waiting on you. I pray with all that I am that this will be the year you run to His loving arms and give your life over to Him!!! (Please head on over to the "Just Jesus" tab at the top of this page to explore this topic if you know you are without Christ in your life.)

If the world does end in 2012 (ya know, hypothetically)…there are billions who have not yet given their lives over to the Lord!!!! A quick search of google puts the number of Christians worldwide at 2.1 billion, out of 6.9 billion people alive on the planet. Can you believe that there are still 4.8 BILLION people who know nothing of the amazing and awesome love of Christ?!? That makes my heart ache…but even more so, it makes His heart ache. The darkness that pervades this world is so evident right now...and He is our one HOPE. It is His desire that all people come to Him. I am determined that if He can use this tiny life to somehow help spread His message, then by all means, I’m willing to live with the longing for heaven in my heart for years on end, until He calls me to my real home. Christians, there’s so much work to do!

It is time to quit talking about it and just do it!!!!

 It's time for us to be the light we were created to be!!!!

Matthew 13:44 says…..

"The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure, buried in a field, that a man found and reburied. Then in his joy he goes and sells everything he has and buys that field."

If you have given your life over to Christ, you have found a treasure…the treasure above all treasures!!! But burying it and keeping it to yourself is not the right response. I challenge you this year...

when the Holy Spirit puts words in your mouth...speak them. 

When God prompts you to do something out of love for another..do it.

Quit doubting that you are good enough, or righteous enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough, or any of the other thousands of excuses you might come up with. The fact is...you're not enough...but He is!!! And if He lives in you then just by that fact alone you can rest assured that you carry Him with you into any situation you might face this year. He's going to be there for you. You just make sure you show up for Him and by that I mean...LIVE IT. SPEAK IT. SHOUT IT. SHINE IT. DO IT. BE WHO HE MADE YOU TO BE!!!!! Let Him have all of you, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

In this journey of mine, I've considered um, sitting down so-to-speak and being a little less vocal about my passion for the Lord...cause I know there are some out there that must think I'm a little over the top. However, I have recently come to the realization that I don’t think I could shut up if I tried. If I try to shut up I will either burst or rot away…and neither one of those sound very appealing.

So excuse me while I blog on and on and on about JESUS this coming year!  He has captured and captivated this heart of mine and by all means, I am determined to serve out my days in praise of Him…whether those days are spent here on earth in 2012 or in His presence.

I’ll leave you with a song that I’ve been playing a lot in recent days. It speaks a little about what I have shared here.

"Sovereign God" CFNI 37


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