I Want To Be Like Tim Tebow

Just the other day…I started really paying attention to a kid named Tim Tebow. To be honest, at first, I started paying attention because I heard he was homeschooled. Since I homeschool my kids, I am constantly aware of the “labels” that might be placed on them. And this Tebow kid, well, he seemed to have overcome some of the stereotypical branding of the home educated, so I began to take note. Then, I began to hear about his wonderful mom, his upbringing, and the fact that he had spent part of his childhood in the Philippines…the place where I took my first mission trip. But above all, this kid was a Christian, and a vocal one at that. That last fact is what really, really got my attention.

Lately, it seems the whole world is talking about Tebow…and his throwing arm…and his team…and “tebowing”, but more than anything, the world is talking about Tim Tebow’s character and his relationship with his God, who just happens to be my God!  And can I just say, I think Tim is doing it all right, as far as I can tell.

I love, love, love the fact that he talks about his talent in football being a platform, or a stage if you will, to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ!!! I love that he talks about the people that he has gotten to help as a result of his talent (and that number is growing daily). I love that his focus is not himself, his accomplishments, his stats, and his popularity. His focus is on the Lord and on advancing His kingdom.

Certainly, Tim is human and he must sometimes feel like patting himself on the back. When he lies down at night, I’m sure he’s tempted to focus on himself and all of his accomplishments. But I just praise God that, so far, Tebow has silenced those thoughts and seems to have brought them under the subjection of our Almighty God. Listen, I may be a woman, but can I just be honest…

I want to be like Tim Tebow.

I pray to be able to silence every temptation to take any of God’s glory for myself. In any situation I am in, whether it be on my best day or on a day riddled with inconvenience and pain, I want to be found lifting high the name of my Lord and Savior!!!  I want my life to say to the world, “Look at Him! Look at Jesus! Isn’t He the most wonderful, amazing God?!” Our focus should always be on the Creator and never the creation.

The enemy will constantly tempt us to be partakers with him, to become so enamored with our own “beauty” that we think we deserve a piece of the praise. And I believe it is a slap in the face of God when He gives us talents and we then claim them as our own doing, as if we are, by our very nature, special. No… any talent, or gift, or calling on your life, was given to you by a gracious, loving God and you need to use it for His glory…not for your own…ever.

What this world needs is more very vocal Tim Tebow’s in the Christian faith! Did you know that he simply wrote “John 3:16” on his face for a championship game and that caused 93 million people to google the verse?! Wow! What an influence!

I pray that Tim keeps proclaiming the name of Christ until his last breath, and I pray that he will stay strong in his faith. As Christians, I think we all need to be praying for him. I know there’s a world out there waiting to say, “I told you so…nobody is that good and honest.”  However, I think that every day Tebow stays the course, another kid out there sees a true hero…not on the football field, but in life…and most importantly, in the Christian faith.

Tim Tebow’s mission is to point people to Jesus and to advance His kingdom. Mine is the same. What about you? Is it yours?

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

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