My Kids Make My Heart Smile



Just the other day, or actually last year around this time, I finally decided to start writing down some of the funny/sweet things my kids said. I definitely wish I had done it sooner. Hope you enjoy!

  • "Mommy, can we go through a driveway to pick up supper?" S, at age 6

  • “When I giggle, my heart giggles!” K, age 3

  • “Jesus tells me I’m a cutie!” K, age 3

  • One day, while shopping in a department store K came over to me with a funny look on her face and asked me why "that man" wouldn’t talk to her…"that man" was a mannequin! What can I say? She’s a talker! I pray for her husband;)
  • Me: "K, ewwww! Please don’t lick your baby sister on the face."…."But Mommy, she licked me first!!!"
  • "Mommy, I smell something stinky. Will you please put out that Tupperware you just bought?" –S, who really meant the “potpourri” that I just bought:)
  • One day, we were eating out at a restaurant and a man asked K how old she was. She said, “I’m 3”. He then asked her when she would turn 4. She responded, “on my next birthday.” (like DUH, mister!)
  • K came to ask me if I could help her find “Maneve” in her picture Bible. I said, “Maneve???” She said “Yes, I see Adam, but not Maneve.” Get it…Adam and Eve:)
  • During homeschool, S and I were talking about storing up treasures in heaven and not on earth. She looked at me and said in the most excited voice, "Mommy, I know God is going to reward you!" "Really? For what?", I asked. She responded, "For teaching me every day."...fought back the tears after that one!
  • My husband said to A, “You are a crazy youngin’!” K came to her defense and said, “Daddy, she is not crazy and she is NOT an ONION!!!” Bahahaha!!
  • “Mommy, don’t you think we need to get A a cage?” (K, upset that her baby sister had just gotten into her markers)
  • Me: “Calgon, take me away!” S: “What is a cow gun?!”

"A cheerful heart is good medicine..."
Prov 17:22