Faithful Father

Just the other day, I was flipping through my personal journal. I came across a prayer I had written to the Lord. The entry date was a little over a year ago. I sat amazed because everything I was praying about then, God had answered!!! Not only that, He had answered beyond what I ever could have expected! To be quite honest, I had forgotten about that prayer. But God did not. And that’s just like Him. It’s what He loves to do with His children. He loves to surprise us with more than we thought possible! 

Oh, I know, sometimes the roads we travel down are…well…immensely difficult…but the outcome is so worth the struggle! So often, we run from the pain and the discomfort, when in actuality, we should learn to embrace it. There are lessons to be taught in the place of pain. No amount of time “on the mountaintop” would ever produce the same benefits. Do I think the Lord causes the pain? No. Do I think the Lord uses what “satan meant for evil” to produce some really great stuff in our lives? Yes!

If we understand the Lord as the perfect Father, we understand that it is NEVER His intent to bring us harm. Never. It is His desire to see us whole and healthy…physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally…all the way around! His word says that He came so that we may have abundant life and I’m telling you, that kind of life can be found even in the midst of pain if you make the Lord, your Father, your dwelling place…your home...your safe haven. And you know what I realized that day as I was reading my journal? I honestly think that maybe for the first time in my life, I really did go a whole year making Him my safe haven…running straight to Him with everything…especially with the hard stuff that I didn't understand. I know that must sound ridiculous, saying this is the first year I had done that, but in the past, truthfully, I would get some crazy thought in my head (a lie from satan) and decide to let it build a wall between the Lord and I (you can travel over here to read an example). This year, I actually relied on faith, believing NOT on what I saw or felt, but rather, on the truth I saw in His word or the truth He impressed upon me. I prayed through the doubt and I took my stuff straight to Him. Would you believe that it works!? Ha! Trust me…you can trust Him!!!

He will come through for you. He will fight for you. He will defend you. He will heal you. He will make the path straight. He will guide you. He will teach you. He will sustain you. He will carry you. He will shower blessings upon you. He will be a Father to you. He will love on you. He will comfort you. He will bring you peace. He will be your strength. He will answer your prayers…

even if you forget that you asked them.

Because that’s just who He is…


Please watch the following video. You'll be blessed!