My Blog...Reloaded!

Just the other day, I had an idea. What if I created a blog that really recorded my life? My girls are constantly asking me to tell them of a story from my childhood. They ask me as we are riding down the road, when we are outside playing together, sometimes when we are eating supper…seriously, they LOVE to hear my stories. So, I just had the thought, “One day I need to write some of these stories down so that they can have a record of God’s faithfulness in my life from childhood until now.” Aha!!!! The light bulb came on. One thing you must know is that I am alllllll about leaving a legacy. It’s why I work so hard and pour myself into my children on a daily basis (and that is why, if you are a mother, you do the exact same thing). I want the absolute best for my children, and I know that the absolute best only comes from a life surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ! So, here I am, on the brink of this oh-so-exciting new adventure and I could not be more giddy!! My prayer is that any readers who stop by also see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and just plain KNOW the goodness of the Lord through this "new" blog. Oh, and why the title, you ask? I’m glad you did. Well, life flies by so fast, it all seems like it was “just the other day”, right? So, some of my posts will be from just the other day (literally) and others might be from just the other day when I was actually four years old…or about twenty nine years ago, but whose counting?! Oh, and by the way, I am NOT going to try to go in order of events or anything OCD like that. I’m sooooo just going to let this thing flow and write about whatever the Lord brings to mind. Ultimately, my story is HIS STORY anyways. To God be the glory!!!!!!!!