Exactly What I Needed!

I wear a lot of hats (don't we all?!), but sometimes I feel that I am a "jack of all trades but a master of none". Some days I do just fine, but others, I honestly just keep my head above water long enough to whisper a prayer that tomorrow, things will go smoother. The last few weeks have been hard...for many reasons that I will not go into at the moment. Let's just say, in times like these, encouragement and help in any way, shape, or form is much-needed.

As you probably know, I teach an online college class. It has to be the most perfect job due to the fact that I get to work my own hours AND stay home with the girls (very important to me)! This job, like so many other things in life, can get neglected and pushed to the side until it's more convenient to give it the attention it deserves. At times, I give it my all and at times, I do it just to help pay the bills (KWIM?)! Lately, I've been just gritting my teeth to make it until the end of the term so that I could enjoy my Christmas break.

Class officially closes tomorrow, but I decided to check my email one last time before I went to bed. Don't you know it? The Lord (He is so good), through one of my students, gave me the encouragement that I so desperately needed to end this class on. She simply said, "Mrs.(___), you have given me the encouragement I needed to stay focused on what I want and to go for it with everything in me. Thank you and GOD BLESS (her emphasis) you." Really???! Me?????!!

Ah, I just stared at the screen as it quickly became blurred by my tears. In that moment, it felt as if someone had literally thrown me a lifeline. Thank God for my job (all of them)...and thank God for students who stop to say thank you! Oh how I needed to hear those words of encouragement. Thank God for such affirmation that let's me know that even though I don't have it all together...I am right where I need to be. Thank the Lord that in my many weaknesses, He is made strong!!!...Thank God for encouragers!