As I sit in the car riding home, I am once again amazed at the Lord's intimacy with His children. About a week and a half ago, I was invited to a women's conference...free of charge! I've been longing to go to a women's conference because I have never been to one (shocking, I know), but God heard that desire of my heart. I literally knew 3 people who would be there, and I hadn't known any of them very long. Admittedly, I was excited but a little anxious. Well, upon arrival, it didn't take long to become friends with some wonderful ladies (whom I stayed up talking with until 4 in the morning)! We laughed, we cried...and the conference hadn't even officially started yet! HA! The next day I spent more time with those same ladies and then we all went to the conference that officially began that night. I was slapped in the face with the bigness of God from the very beginning. "Annointed"...that's just the best word I can find to describe this conference. Still, I have to admit that God's been doing some really crazy-cool stuff in my life. I feel more free in Him and in who He has made me to be than I've ever been. I experience Him daily! My point is, usually at events "like this" I'm needy. I go expecting or wanting God to speak to me about X, Y, or Z. Not this time. Although enjoying it, I was kinda asking God, "Why am I here?"

The next day, my answer came as I spent all afternoon with someone whom others had told me was, for lack of a better term, "closed off". As God would have it, she shared with me and wouldn't you know it...it was exactly what I had been through earlier in my life. Sparing the details, I will just say it had to do with an act of obedience. Once I yielded to the Lord in it, He was basically able to lead me down the path towards all that I am blessed with today. At the end of our talk I said to my new friend, "Ya know, I think you are why I came this weekend." She simply said, "Me too". But wait, God had more...He's always got more:)

If you have followed my Facebook statuses, you will know that God has been really dealing with me about the issue of abortion. And recently, He said (in gentleness and love of course), "Quit talking about it and get busy." I told my husband days ago that I was feeling led to work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Where? I had no idea. So at the conference, I sat down to eat lunch with a precious friend who was in the middle of telling some others at the table about her experience with abortion and the abortion industry...something I knew nothing about. Bet you can guess what happened next?! Yep. I shared with her what God had been speaking to me and she immediately tells me about a director of a local CPC. Oh, and this lady was AT the conference! We "ran" into this lady mere minutes after our talk and as it turns out, this CPC is in desperate need of financial help and volunteers. It is the only CPC in our area and it is so small that it would have never shown up when "googled" on the internet. I start at the CPC at the end of the month and can't wait to see what God's going to do! Waaaaahooooo! Isn't God cool?!!

Why did I share all of this? Well, simply to say...please don't ever, ever, ever, EVER doubt that God knows who you are, where you're at, and what you need. The God of the universe orchestrates His purposes down to the most intimate details. He does it for all of us whose lives are surrendered to Him. He did it for the girl I was supposed to talk to, He did it for me with the CPC, and He'll do it for you!!! All you have to do is start the conversation and I can assure you, He will answer.

P.s. You'll be blessed to read the blog of our speaker for the weekend. It details how God was working in her life as I was writing this on the way home from the conference. He's a good God folks...a very good God! Visit: www.marybethwhalen.com