Impacting the Darkness

Just the other day...I looked across the room to see my youngest daughter trying to squeeze between the wall and our entertainment center. It looked like she was intently searching for something, but when I asked what she was doing, she said, "Mommy, I'm just looking at the darkness." She then showed me what was in her hand that stretched into the shadows...a toy pen that lights up. To a five year old, lighting up the darkness is a pretty cool thing to do!

Last week, my Facebook newsfeed lit up with darkness. I looked into that darkness, long and hard, just like my daughter. I shook my head, wrung my hands, and thought, "Where does it all end?" It breaks my heart...this world...searching and clamoring for the new and the exciting and the exotic, while falling further and further into a deep pit that seeks only to entrap all of us. Evil abounds, and staring at it long enough always brings disillusionment. Discouragement. Disappointment. Frustration.

Does it end? Will it end?

One glorious day, at the Lord's appearing, YES! It will all end!!

But until that time, how do those of us who long to live lives of righteousness and holiness carry on? How do we cultivate this space for the honor and the glory of the Father?

Well, I can tell you this, talking about the problems around us and simply looking into the darkness will not bring any change! Shaking our heads and declaring, "What a pity!" does

If you see your child drowning as you stand on the safety of the shore, do you just stand there? Do you watch them struggle? Do you watch them gasp for air and breathe their last, thinking "how sad that my child got themselves in that situation...what a tragedy?"

Of course not!!!

You run to their rescue just as fast as you possibly can!!!

And that, my friends, is exactly what we have to do with this present darkness.

If you say you love Jesus, you put ACTIONS behind those WORDS.

This conversation over sexual deviation and perversion is actually a good thing. It's a chance for the darkness to be further exposed! But friends, let's make sure this conversation makes an impact in this generation!!

How can we do that? Here are just a few ideas:

1 - Pray.

It's the greatest weapon at our disposal!! I'm a stay-at-home mom with limited time and freedom to volunteer right now, but I can pray earnestly for God to set victims free from their abusers, and I do!! I know He hears every prayer and answers each one.

2 - Give.

May we take the money we have declared that we are NOT spending on certain movies, books, and magazines and put it towards helping victims, for they are the end result of this downward sexual spiral! Think about it...the $10 to $15 or more that you might have spent on going to a movie or buying a book can go instead towards the rescue and rehabilitation of victims.  

Here is a list of organizations that will put your money to good use:
A21 Campaign
International Justice Mission
Hookers for Jesus
Justice Ministries, Inc

3 - Educate.

Young men and women desperately need us to help them navigate the issues in our world with truth from the Word of God. There are so many confusing and destructive messages being thrown at them, it breaks my heart!! But God's words can bring clarity of thought and freedom from the lies of the enemy. Also, you can educate yourself about the devastating effects of pornography by going here.

4 - Love.

Another end result of this darkness is the breakdown of the family. I have friends whose marriages have ended over sexual/pornographic addiction, others who are in crisis because of it right now, and others who are walking out healing/restoration. Have I told you this issue breaks my heart? It absolutely does. The last thing these families/friends need are judgement and condemnation. Love your friends the way you want to be loved...unconditionally. Hear their hearts and their hurts. Pray with them. Cry with them. Hold them accountable. Pray FOR them. But do not judge them.

5 - Guard.

Be proactive. Guard your heart and your mind. When media like this comes out, don't jump on the bandwagon, flocking to book stores and movie theaters to partake in things that "everyone is doing". We are to be holy and set apart. Strangers in our own land. In the world, but not of the world. If we look and act just like this world, then we lose our effectiveness and we are no longer useful as salt and light! Also, help to guard the hearts and minds of those in your home. You can find help for that here and here.

I pray that each of you will take this encouragement seriously. Join me in looking away from the darkness. Let's make a greater impact by shining the light of His truth! May this world begin to see us, not just for what we are against, but for what we are FOR...and may we stand for hope, freedom, love, rescue, and restoration in Jesus name!!