The Gift of You, Mom (A Letter)

My mom and dad, admiring grandchild #10
An open letter to my precious mother. She is my gift from above....


It's hard to put into words the overwhelming thankfulness I feel for getting to have a mother like you. I've written posts here for a few years now, and with each passing Mother's Day, I think "next year I'll write about Mom", because honestly trying to wrap up my thoughts about you on the page is like trying to capture a hurricane. Whatever this letter becomes, it can't do you, or the job you've done, any justice...but as intimidating as the task may be, I will try. And just in case you're wondering, the tears are already trickling down. Funny, that reminds me of someone else I know! :)

When I was a little girl, I remember being your constant companion. I'd tag along for very loooong trips to the grocery store, riding in the bottom of the cart as you looked through coupon after coupon. You were the "coupon lady" long before couponing was cool! I can still hear you telling Daddy how much you saved when you got home. We vacationed twice a year most years, all because of the time you spent to save, save, save!

Then there were those other stops around town, paying bills, getting gas, and stopping by the bank. My favorite errand was going by Dad's work to pick up his check...running up those huge steps while you waited for me in the car. I felt so independent and grown-up going all by myself!

There were those days you took me shopping. Oh my, how we would have the best time strolling in and out of stores, searching for good deals and just the right outfit! Inevitably, I would get my heart set on something a little too expensive, but you'd give in because it made you happy to see me so excited.

Whatever we did, we had lots of fun together!

Some of the most special time I spent with you though, was in the car, either on the way to school or on the way back home. We would talk the entire time and ended up having many deep and meaningful conversations. Day after day after day, you poured into me...always, without fail, pointing me to the Lord. Your answers to my many questions were Biblical, wise, and never steered me wrong.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says to impress the Lord's commands on your children when you sit at home or walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.....you did exactly that. You obeyed God's command. You did well!!! And you continue to "mother" me with your amazing advice even today.

You are a rock, Mom. So wise. So steady. So unwavering and strong.

But you know what amazes me about you...as strong as you are, you are also extremely tender, caring, and gentle. If your strength could reach the highest mountain peaks, it's your love that would soar above the stars!

I have been blessed to know endless, boundless, limitless love because of you, Mom. When anyone talks about sacrificial love, I always think of Jesus...and you. In a thousand different ways, big and small, you have laid down your hopes and your dreams to see the hopes and dreams of your four children fulfilled. You have given and given and given of yourself, investing in us and never asking for a return.

There is a generation of faithfulness being raised up behind you, and that can only happen because you have led the way. You have blazed a trail of strength and honor, gentleness and love, self-sacrifice and faithful obedience. Your children are following you. Our children are following us. Generations to come will follow in your footsteps.

There had to have been times in the past when you questioned, as all mothers do, "Am I doing okay or am I just messing things up?" I can only imagine the joy in your heart that comes from seeing the fruit of your labor and the answers to those many tearful prayers. It's funny, when I was young, I would sometimes think, "Don't let Mom pray, or we will be here for a while!" Now, I know the value of those prayers, that they were prayers full of faith. You would pray over a meal and end up with tears streaming down your face, so I knew what would happen in your time alone with God. You would reach heaven and touch the heart of the Father, that's what would happen! I know it still does...and I am but one of the many beneficiaries of those prayers.

Thank you, Mom, for the late nights, the meals, the laundry, the back rubs, the shopping trips, the band aids, the school trips, the rides to and from whatever I was into, the talks, the laughter, the tears, the prayers, the hugs, the kisses, the discipline, the protectiveness, the advice, the caring, the gentleness, the long phone conversations, and most of all...the love.

You have said it many times, that I am your gift...but know this, Mom, you have been more of a gift to me than I could have ever dreamed! Long after you leave this place, I will be opening up the gift of you...still discovering the mysteries of all you have instilled in my life. Each season brings a new understanding of you, and each season I uncover a deeper appreciation of the woman you are.

I love you, Mom, with all my heart.

Thank you...for everything.

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