The Faces Before Me

I keep picturing their faces...the faces of women across the room, sitting at tables with full bellies, ready to hear what I have to say...

What I have to say?

I tremble, knowing what an opportunity the Lord has opened up.

I could speak about any ole thing and the women with their faces before me...they might clap out of respect, walk out the door, and leave just as they entered. They might eat a meal they didn't have to cook, giving them temporary comfort. They might talk with friends, giving them temporary enjoyment. They might savor an hour or so away from their life's demands, giving them temporary rest. But would they have gotten what they truly needed...the thing we all truly need?

Would they have heard from Him? Would they have been refreshed by His presence?

The faces before me...they are hurting, broken, worn out, complacent, lukewarm, passionless, and tired. They don't need temporary food, fellowship, or rest...they need Him.

So, for the faces before me...I am taking two weeks off from blogging to "draw away from the crowds" as Jesus did. I'm sitting at His feet, pleading with Him to get me out of the way so that He will be seen and not me.

Every single one of you who stop by this blog matter to me very, very much.

But, the faces before me, they have my attention for the moment. I hope you'll understand.

I humbly ask that you help me pray for each event, one on Nov 10th and the other on Nov 15th. Pray that God will come and pour out His precious presence, meeting each woman at the point of her need. I carry great hope and expectation for what He will do, knowing that He loves the faces before me with such an overwhelming, everlasting love. May He be fully exalted!

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."
2 Cor 4:7

For His glory,