My Top Five

Am I thankful today? Oh, yes! For so many things, but none more important than these...

1. For God - that He is in my life, leading and guiding my footsteps, faithfully teaching me how to walk closer to Him each day. It is my greatest joy to get to serve Him in whatever way He deems. He keeps me on my toes, assured that the next adventure is just right around the corner (comfort is not a place He likes for me to find, and I love that about Him). He is my everything!!!

2. For this man, my precious husband - a man with a powerful love for me and our girls, and an even greater love for God. He keeps me grounded, makes me laugh, and has never once said my ideas were ridiculous. He gets me...although he would probably tell you otherwise;o) 

3. For my girls - each so different, each so amazing in their own unique ways. My life is full and rich and tremendously blessed because they are in it! I love getting to be center-stage, watching their lives unfold. They are already little ambassadors for the Lord and that makes me so proud!!

4. For my extended family - Mom & Dad, my "other" Mom & Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, and Nephews - I am so fortunate to have been born into an amazing family and to have married into an amazing (albeit, crazy) family (I'll let you guess which pic is at my in-law's house). God has built a glorious heritage of love, honor, and character among both groups...and most importantly, a heart for Him that will continue to be passed down throughout the generations!

5. For friends, my church family, other family members, and you! - I am surrounded by some of the most loving, caring, and encouraging people in the world! I wish I had pictures of ALL of you to include here. I am so thankful that you allow me to be a part of your life, whether that's in "real" life or here on the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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