The Lime Green Room Reveal

Here it is...my oldest daughter's new room that I've been promising to show you! If you're a follower, especially on Facebook, you'll know that this room remodel just about did me in. Props to all of you who do room makeovers all the time and don't go completely insane!! Pablo Piccaso said, "Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." Whew! I learned that that is a very true statement over the last few weeks!

Since I'm not really a "designing/crafty" blogger, I failed to take before and after pics, but you can see a tiny bit of the before, or actually "during", here. Anyways, enough chit-chat...I know you're really here to see this lime green beauty, so scroll down and take a look. 

This gorgeous dresser was a creation by my friend at Humble Cottage Antiques.

I LOVE it that she chose to put her doll's bed right next to hers!  So precious and girly!

The lanterns were found at Lowe's and The Dollar Store. The white one had a hook so that another lantern could be attached to the bottom, but the others didn't...so I hot-glued them to each other. The top lantern is solar powered and works perfectly as a built-in night light! That's also the reason we chose to put it right next to the window.

These were a yard sale find by my friend at Humble Cottage Antiques. I simply took off the oak frames and  spray painted them purple. These were a huge hit with my little "American Girl" fan!

Cute side table - - another creation from Humble Cottage Antiques. The lamp belonged to  My Giant Grandma, so it's extra special!

I dreamed about this "S" picture in my mind for several days. When I tried to explain it to my husband, he thought I was nuts! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though and Princess #1 loves it, so that's what counts! 

There she is...drawing at her new desk. She's so thrilled with her new room, I can hardly keep her out of it! Score!!

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