I'm Allergic to Cats

Just the other day...I became allergic to cats. It was one of those weird things that developed while I was pregnant and it has never gone away. Yes, I'm allergic to cats, but my kids, however, are not. After begging and pleading and crying for a new pet for quite some time, their father and I finally caved. So now we have not one, but two, new family members! Meet "K.D" and "Kit-Kat" -- both are currently residing in my kitchen in a cardboard house affectionately made by the little princesses. And me, I'm on allergy meds, for an unknown period of time...at least until the little wanderers figure out they live here and not down the street or across the road. Anyone know how long that will take?! (Achoooo!!)


P.s. I'll be back to "normal" blogging next week. The new room is almost finished....woohoooo!!

May you all have a peaceful weekend!

For His glory,