Testimony Week: Day 5

God Always Gets The Last Word
by Dorinda Wingenbach

When I graduated Bible College, I was eager to take on the world and ready for new adventures in ministry. After being home for 4 months and suffering with severe pain in my lower abdomen, I decided to go to the doctor. She found that my ovaries were infested with ovarian cysts. I remember feeling completely confident that this was a mistaken diagnosis and full of faith that I would have different news the next month. That month did not go as planned -- my health got worse and the pain became more intense. That month quickly turned into an entire year of agonizing pain!

 After nothing seemed to be changing, I decided to look for a specialist. Immediately a certain doctor's name seemed to jump off the page at me and I knew that God was urging me to choose this particular doctor. I got an appointment right away and immediately had a favorable connection with this doctor. It was unexplainable. After further testing not only did she find even more ovarian cysts, but she diagnosed me with Endometriosis. She mentioned that, given the many complexities I had, it would probably be difficult for me to ever conceive a child. You have to realize, this was heartbreaking to me because I love children! I was in full time ministry as a Children’s Pastor and teaching children is a passion of mine. Since I was single, I did not dwell on it too much. I still believed that I would be a mother one day.

 I ended up having surgery, but since there were some complications, my doctor suggested that we try another method to treat the cysts and endometriosis.  After much consultation, I chose an unconventional route and agreed to try “hormone therapy” which meant they would put my body into menopause (I was only 20 years old).  Praise God, there was some success with this treatment and I gained some relief.  Over the years, I went through this treatment three different times.

Fast forward to 2004, the year I married the man of my dreams. Life was great and then suddenly, my pain became worse than I had ever experienced. I had severe medical complications and although I tried lots of medication, no pill would take the pain away. I felt broken and at times confused. Here I was on pastoral staff, but I felt like I had no victory through healing in my own body and at times I felt insecure to pray for other people because I had so many health struggles. One day, my doctor randomly decided to give me a call just to check on me. It was actually God-appointed timing! I cried and told her my frustrations and about all the pain I was in. I explained to her how it was affecting my daily life. She then ordered every imaginable test you could possible think of.

She called me the very next week with bad news. They had found a medium-size tumor which was located near my pituitary gland and was growing up towards my brain. I froze after I heard those words and honestly do not remember anymore of the conversation. I spent the day in tears and worry. I felt frustrated with the results and although I never doubted that God was in control, I felt abandoned by Him at that hour. I felt like I had spent my life being obedient to Him. I was quick to remind Him of all the things I had “done for Him”. I thought to myself, "how could this happen to me?" (as if I was saying my good works for Him should be enough to get me out of this). 

I was told this type of tumor was inoperable because of the location, there was no cure, and I could expect to loose my vision. I was also told for the second time -- the chances of ever having children were unlikely.  I was told all we could do was keep the tumor from growing, so I was put on some medicine that made me very weak and sick. 

About two months after I started taking the medication, we were going on a family vacation and I chose not to take the medicine so that I could enjoy the trip without any side effects. When we returned home, I struggled to take the medication again because it made me so sick --  so I made the decision not take it at all. Needless to say, my husband and mother were not pleased with this decision and called my doctor to tell her. She immediately called me, lectured me, and ordered more tests to see if the tumor had grown and progressed since I had stopped taking the medicine. She called to give me the news (and I prepared myself for the possibility that it was bad), however she was baffled as she said “We’re confused about your test results. There is no sign of the tumor at all.” I was elated and knew immediately I had been healed, but she was certain there was a mistake and ordered more comprehensive tests. She even wanted me to see other specialists. I complied with her advice, more specific and detailed tests were run, and the results all came back the same --  NO TUMOR. The new specialist was confused and remarked that this type of tumor does not "just go away". He could not explain the results, so he ordered more tests and finally when those results came in, all of my doctors agreed that a miracle had taken place and the tumor had completely vanished! I was stunned, elated, and so amazed at what God had done! I was now confident I would soon be able to get pregnant!

The next year still held many difficulties in trying to conceive a child. It seemed that everyone around me was pregnant, except for me. April 20th, 2008 came and it was a historic day in my life. I woke up with the worst pain ever...nothing seemed to take it away...I laid in bed and remember telling my husband, "I can't take it anymore! MY endometriosis is killing me." When I said those words, something inside of me seemed to stir. I had just heard myself say “my endometriosis” as if I had owned it and was nurturing it. I got up and went in another room. I said, "That’s it! I am finished being sick! I’m finished with the pain! I am going to battle!" Even though these are things I had believed for the past years, something was different about this day. I spent the whole day in intense intercession and prayer! I began to ask God for forgiveness for claiming endometriosis as “mine” when I would talk to others. I began to confess that it was not mine, never was mine, and that it was conquered on the cross! I began to confess the same scriptures on healing that I always had. I began to declare God's healing over my body. I began to go in our spare bedrooms and pray and thank God for my future children (again these are all things I had done before, but something was different this time -- I can't explain it).

When my husband came home from work he expected me to be in bed, but I was ready. I told him, "Let's go out to dinner... we are celebrating!" He asked if I was still in pain, to which I replied, "yes". He tried to get me to stay home and rest, but I said, "No. Endometriosis has held me captive for 10 years and I won’t be a slave to it any longer! I am tired of being in pain. I’m tired of all the things I miss because of it. Starting today, I will not cater to it anymore!" The next day, I was completely pain free (this was a MIRACLE because in the past 10 years, I could not remember ever having a completely pain-free day)! It felt amazing!!!

Well that day turned into a week, then into a month. In November of that same year, I found out I was PREGNANT with our first child! The good news is that all those years of suffering from pain prepared me for childbirth and it wasn’t as painful as all the years I had suffered.

I am amazed at the goodness of God and all of the promises that HE has fulfilled in my life. I am also delighted and overjoyed to be pregnant with our second child...a little girl this time. I had been told I would probably never be able to have children, but as you can see, God always gets the last word! 


Dorinda Wingenbach is a stay at home mom to a very adventurous 2 year old boy and a little girl on the way. She has been married to her husband, Chad, for eight years. Together they are Children’s Pastors at their church, Family Worship Center, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are passionate about reaching this generation of kids and encouraging parents to take the primary role in influencing their children for Christ. They are also very involved in missions and have been to several countries, both together and apart.  They really love Disney trips and take them every chance they get. Dorinda also enjoys reading and shopping. She is a proud "Extreme Couponer" and loves to get great deals, free things, and have the stores pay her to take items off of their shelves.

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