Stitched with Great Love

Just the other day...I finally did it. I got out all the little baby clothes I had tucked away and started cutting them up...sweet little nightgowns and cute little play outfits that once held my tiny bundles of joy. It was bittersweet as I fought back tears and I rejoiced all at the same time...sad over the moments now gone, but proud about the precious trio of girls that continually bless my days.

At one point, I actually held a few pieces close to my face, trying desperately to get one last whiff of baby smell. It wasn't there. And I found myself longing, oh just once more to breathe in that sweet-baby-aroma. To a mother, such a smell is intoxicating.

Life is strange and confusing and wonderful all at the same time. Once I was a sleep-deprived, desperately-tired mommy, wishing for the time that my house would finally sleep again...all of us from night until morning. And now, I sometimes long to get up during the quiet midnight hours to nurse and rock and soothe my baby, holding her close to my heart. I know that for me, those days are over...sweet memories now etched upon my heart forever...and it came all too soon.

I will cherish those memories and think of those days and try desperately to pour that love into something tangible for each daughter...a quilt. It won't be perfect...in fact, its imperfections will readily show (a reflection of the seamstress herself). But when nights are cold and times are dark, Lord willing, it will be there to comfort and warm and convey unending admiration...whispering about a love so deep it began as a prayer in a young woman's heart.

The label will read:

with love
 from Mama

...and it will surely be the truth!

I've heard it said that our children are gifts that we send out into the future. I just happen to believe that a quilt stitched with great love can be that, too.

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For His glory,