I Choose Faith

Just the other day...I felt that nudge. You know the nudge. It's that gentle push that God gives when He's about to push you out of the nest again, kinda like a momma bird teaching her young how to fly (I'm quickly learning not to get too comfortable in the nest). Then, He gave me thoughts, thoughts about His daughters meeting together for a night of worship. And then He just continued to give thoughts and impressions and before I knew it I was thinking, "Lord, I know this has to be You because this is so beyond me, it won't work unless it IS YOU!"

See, I really don't have big plans and big dreams...

but God does.

There's a generation of women and girls out there He died to reach and somehow, I don't think they have yet captured His heart for them. In fact, I just know it. I don't know it in my head. I know it in my heart, in that deep place where He speaks to me. And it hurts to see my sisters walk in such pain and confusion, not knowing who they were created to be.  Lies have kept us bound for way too long...they have kept me bound for way too long(!)...and I'm ready to see all of us walking in freedom!

So on October 7th of this year, our little church is starting something called NOWW, which stands for Night of Worship for Women. Monthly, we will hold a worship service that features various praise and worship leaders along with different speakers. If I could, I would tell you every detail about how God has already worked things out for this, even down to the tiniest detail, but it would make this way too long. I'll just say, He is on the move!!! I can't wait to see what He does (I'm filled with such excitement, I feel it in the pit of my stomach. Yep, that excited!!!).

I'm asking simply for those of you who read this blog to please pray...especially because I know so many of you have a love for women's ministry. From what I can determine right now, there should be close to a hundred women at our first gathering. Wow. What can God do with a hundred women set on fire for Him?! Change a community? Change a nation? Change the world???

See, I really don't have big dreams.

But God does.

FEAR can keep me from being a participant in His dream, or FAITH can propel me to play a role.

I choose faith.

For His glory,